The development of natural rubber sponge formulations as teaching media for children

Kususana Yaworasan


This research aims to study the appropriate rubber and calcium carbonate for the preparation of natural latex sponges formulations as teaching material for children. The first rubber compound was incubate for 32 hours at 25 ºC and use the eegwhick to slowly stir the rubber (At the same time pour DPG,ZMBT, ZDEC, Sulphur, SFF respectively). Next, Pour the sponges into the crucible and leave them when they become gelled and Bring a sponge into Hot Air Oven. Then, the rubber turned to be a complete sponge. The study comparison of the physical properties of natural rubber latex have a calcium carbonate and clay was filler with Dunlop process as adding different amount at 0, 15 and 30 phr. It was found the preparation of natural rubber sponge from filler as calcium carbonate is better than clay. Because calcium carbonate filler could be made a good properties smooth skin surface the gel quickly and sponge don’t shrink so that the calcium carbonate is a filler to reduce the cost of produce and the difference amount at 50, 100 and 150 phr. It is possible to mix calcium carbonate amount at 100 phr. that The sponge also has good proparties and can be formulations into teaching media.


natural rubber, calcium carbonate, sponges, teaching media

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