Study on the effect of fuel injectors cleaning on diesel engine performance in a small truck

Krissadang Sookramoon


This study investigates the small diesel engine performance in a small truck before and after cleaning the fuel injectors. The actual performance of the test car was studied. The comparison of fuel consumption, acceleration of the vehicle before and after cleaning the injectors was carried out. The experimental results for the 2008 TOYOTA HILUX VIGO indicated that the fuel consumption before injector cleaning was 4.945 km/l and after cleaning the injectors, the fuel consumption was 8.331 km/l. The running distance was increased by 68.477%. The acceleration before cleaning the injectors was 6.208 km/h/s. After cleaning the acceleration was 11.366 km/h/s, therefore the acceleration increased 83.086%. By using LAUNCH engine analyzer the injected volume of fuel before injector cleaning was lower than after cleaning the injector at the engine speeds of 800, 1500 and 3000 RPM, respectively. In conclusion cleaning the injectors make the injectors scrubbed, which could distribute more fuel to the combustion chamber that make the enhanced performance of the engine.


Diesel engine, Injector cleaning, Fuel consumption, Acceleration

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