Delivery Gripper Balancing Equipment for Sheet-fed Offset Press

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This article presents the design and building prototype equipment which is used for maintenance the delivery grippers of sheet fed offset press. The prototype equipment consists of two knob-shirts left and right handles. Its function is to hold the bearing housing with dowel which has been designed. The chuck holds tight to one side of it and another side is able to move by long hole on the based plate. Because of this design, the prototype equipment can adjust the distance caught according to the length of the shaft. All parts of the prototype equipment are created by SCM440 grade steel. Geometric tolerances of the prototype consist of perpendicularity, flatness and straightness which not exceed 0.30 mm. From this experiment, it was found that the prototype can use for balancing delivery gripper after it is assembled. The average time for assembling the delivery gripper by 1 set is 20.75 minutes. The standard deviation of the average time is 3.18. The evaluation value from expert technicians is 4.37 which is in very good criterion. The standard deviation of the expert technicians evaluation value is 0.45


Delivery gripper balancing, Sheet-fed offset press, Bearing housing, Geometric tolerances

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